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How we manage Christmas music individually for so many customers is almost as Top Secret as the Coca-Cola recipe but we would like to share a little insight into what goes on! As Christmas is the busiest time of year for the majority of our 2000 plus customers we work hard to make sure each one has the perfect schedule to complement their individual Christmas atmospheres. Our software has been developed in-house and enables us to organize Christmas music for a high volume of clients, each with individual requirements. Our customers can also manage their own scheduling by simply logging in to our easy-to- use zon@t system.

Christmas planning starts early in Almotech with a review of our Christmas playlists taking place in October. In early November we send out a newsletter which lets all of our customers know that we will be gradually introducing Christmas music from late November. We invite our customers to contact us with specific requests or to let us know if they have specific scheduling requirements in the run up to Christmas. Generally we start at 20% Christmas Music and increase this weekly until December 8th when it will be up to 100%. It is however, far from a one-size- fits all approach, as a large number of our clients will have their own requirements and many will have specific dates and special events which will call for higher or lower percentages of Christmas music. Many also opt to manage their own Christmas scheduling by logging on to our zon@t system.

We offer a variety of Christmas playlists to suit every location from retail to hospitality and of course many of our clients will create their own playlists in accordance with the atmospheric which they wish to achieve. Whether it’s an upbeat up-tempo playlist or something more laid-back and relaxing, our comprehensive collection of Christmas music allows this to be easily accomplished. Using our system, different playlists can be scheduled throughout the day according to each site’s unique patterns. So whether you want to do it yourself or have us do it for you, with Almotech’s technology, music and experienced team, the Christmas bells will be ringing and your staff and customers will be singing!

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