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At Almotech, we provide you with our own unique player that can deliver in-store music, customised advertising and news bulletins. The user login allows you to schedule music and advertising to reflect the cliental or the time of day. Almotech operates and maintains three separate music libraries, Copyright, Sound Alike and Royalty Free.

Almotech Copyright Music

Copyright Music

Almotech have over 200,000 tracks of copyright music including every UK number one since 1956. This library is mainly used in the hospitality industry. Copyrighted music owners have the right to control the reproduction of their work, including the right to receive payment for that reproduction. Copyright protects original artistic, literary, dramatic, musical, and intellectual work in a tangible medium. If you choose to play this music in your premises you will be liable for both PPI & IMRO fees. These two organisations work independently from Almotech.


A sound-alike is a recording intended to imitate the sound of a popular record, the style of a popular recording artist, or a current musical trend. Almotech carries an extensive library of cover versions or “Sounds Like” music. These are well known and chart hits covered by unsigned or emerging artists. This library is used by some retailers particularly in the fashion and sports sector. By selecting music from this library the store is liable for PRS/IMRO fees but not for PPL/PPI fees.

Almotech Sound Alike Music
Almotech Rights Inclusive Music


The third library we use is the Royalty Free or Rights Inclusive content. We are licensed by Getty Inc. to use content from their 60,000 track Rights Inclusive library. This is recognised as offering the widest selection of top quality R.I. content for the retail industry. Almotech have carefully selected music to suit any aspect of your business’s needs. We have a variety of different playlists to choose from. This is the most widely used content in retail as the store is not liable for either PPL/PPI or PRS/IMRO fees. A typical food retailer could save up to €2,000 per annum using this content.


Almotech provides a complete audio advertising service where offers and messages can be professionally recorded, uploaded and scheduled for your business. Almotech also offer a customised bulletin of News, Sport, Weather, and Entertainment, which is updated 3 times a day. This is downloaded by the players and can be scheduled to play as required. This is more suitable and more reliable than any other streaming service available.

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