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Almotech Digital Signage (Video Advertising) – The Benefits

Almotech Digital Signage (Video Advertising) – The Benefits

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Have you ever wondered how digital signage could benefit your business? Here’s just a few of the many advantages of Almotech Digital Signage.

Almotech Digital Signage provides you with a personalised, highly engaging, eye catching way to communicate with your customers. It is the ultimate tool to increase store profits. Each “Video Player” is customised to suit the specific requirements of your customers so no two units are the same.

Digital Signage has become very prevalent; now appearing in retail outlets, banks, public buildings and corporate foyers everywhere. Replacing traditional printed posters and other costly transparencies, Digital Signage affords you the opportunity to portray your messages effectively to your customers at the time you feel most effective to the point of sale.

The principle advantages of a managed Digital Signage System are:

Variety: Almotech Media Solutions can provide all content including images and store specific special offers from all the major retailers which can be updated in accordance to the specific needs of your store(s). From Video Menu Boards to a high end fashion retailer stores, our digital content can be created to suit any aspect of your business.

Personalisation: Our “Video Player” allows for complete personalisation of your digital media in your business. We can also design and maintain local visual advertising campaigns, for example, if there were any local events that you wished to advertise like a local sports team or a local festival etc. Any existing content can be made available and uploaded to the “Video Player”.

Engaging: Almotech Media Solutions offers highly engaging, eye catching content that portrays your products and services in the right way. According to the OTX global consumer research and consulting firm, 63% of those who have seen Digital Signage say it attracted their attention, compared with 58% for billboards, 57% for magazines, 56% for TV, 47% for internet, 40% for newspaper, 37% for radio and 10% for mobile. Reaching a youthful audience is also a strength of Digital Signage; 75% of 18-34 year olds who have seen Digital Signage in the past 12 months have noticed it in seven different locations during the week.

Cost Effective: Digital Signage eliminates the need for costly posters and transparencies. Increase your margin by promoting your product in high definition video presentations

Remote Control/ Ease of Use: The control of all players is managed on a web interface. Each location can be managed individually or grouped according to location or store type. Advertising and information can be scheduled at specific times (store opening hours) or whenever desired. Change prices and promotions at the click of a button.

Advertising: Almotech provides a complete advert creation service. All offers and store information are sourced from many of the large multiples in Ireland and can be incorporated into your digital design.

Hardware: Almotech provide all of their players free of charge. The players remain the property of Almotech and will be removed should the contract end. Almotech also services and maintains all of its equipment free of charge. The only fees are the monthly content provision fee as agreed.

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