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The Effects of In-Store Radio on Your Customer’s Behaviour

The Effects of In-Store Radio on Your Customer’s Behaviour

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Atmosphere is everything when it comes to your business and your in-store radio can play a vital part in creating the perfect environment for your customers. The right environment in your business can result in the increase of your sales.

There are many different components which can affect the buying patterns of your customers', such as: the volume, speed and genre of your background music.

Recent studies suggest that the speed of your music affects the behaviour of your customers. Slow music results in your customers staying in your establishment for longer, therefore increasing the amount of sales.

The volume of your music also has a major part to play in your customers buying patterns. Customers do not tend to stick around for as long when the in-store radio is too loud; however sales per minute tend to increase with volume. This suggests that the frequency of your sales increases with the volume of your music.

Different genres of music can also affect the behaviour of your customers, depending on their age group. The genre of music playing in your business can affect your customer’s time perception. For example, people aged twenty five and older thought they were shopping in retail outlets for longer when the in-store radio was playing the latest pop chart hits. Alternatively, people aged under twenty five thought they were shopping for longer when instrumental music was played. This proves that unfamiliar music affects your customer’s time perception.

In-Store music can also effect which brands your customers buy. By playing music associated with a particular brand it can increase its sales.

It can also effect how customers perceive a product, for example if a customer is buying Italian food, by playing an Italian themed soundtrack in the background it permits the customer to think positively about the brand. This can result in the customer buying the product.

Almotech has developed a range of products designed to create the perfect atmosphere and to increase average customer spend within your store.

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